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               The benefits of E.F.C. in terms of services are mainly for the facilities related to its areas of activity:

  1. Studies and design

    With more than 25 years of experience, and its technical design office (BET) consisting of engineers, designers and technicians highly qualified and experienced with a spirit of challenge, EFC accompanies you in all stages of your studies in cold and air conditioning. Whatever type of project you want to set up, you can count on our know-how. With this in mind, the studies are specific to the specific needs of each client in order to offer a personalized service.
    Our studies and designs concern among others:

    • Thermal balances of air conditioning and refrigeration;
    • Energy balances of industrial installations;
    • Energy audits and appraisals of industrial installations;
    • The complete sizing of commercial and industrial refrigeration plants:
      • Cold room;
      • Morgues;
      • Cold stores;
      • Cooling tunnels, freezing chamber;
      • Refrigerating plants;
    • The complete dimensioning of the central air conditioning system:
      • Air ducts and ventilation networks;
      • Pipes and hydraulic networks;
      • Calculation of thermal insulation;
      • Regulation, automation, and centralized technical management;
      • Calculation of Air Handling Units;
      • Design of chilled water production unit;
    • Design of thermal installations: boilers, steam networks, cogeneration and energy recovery;
    • Design of centralized hot water installations;
    • Design of controlled mechanical ventilation systems (VMC);
    • Sizing of smoke extraction systems;
    • Design of clean rooms and air pollution control systems;
    • Sizing of the generators;

  2. Realization and editing

    E.F.C. has proven expertise in the construction and installation of refrigeration, thermal and industrial installations. As an example, we can mention:
    • Installation of refrigeration plants (condensing unit + evaporator) for cold rooms and cold stores, fast cooling chambers;
    • Installation of ice water mini chiller for bakery;
    • Installation of thermal insulation or pre-insulated panel framing for cold rooms and cold stores;
    • Centralized chilled water cooling system: chilled water production unit, air handling units, fan coil units, hydraulic network with pumps, buffer tank and accessories;
    • Installation and installation of ventilation systems in all type sheath: galvanized steel + glass wool insulation, Fib-air, PIRALU, plaster, etc. ;
    • Development of control and regulation systems for cold and air conditioning systems: micro-automats for cold rooms, pre-programmed digital controllers for air-handling units, Rooftop and chiller;
    • Installation of controlled mechanical ventilation systems (VMC):
      • Kitchen extractor system with extractor hood and duct;
      • Centralized extraction of toilet and toilet smell;
      • Environmental clean-up in an industrial environment: printing, food processing, chemical industry, etc. ;
      • Heat extraction in bakery;
    • Hydraulic networks for sanitary cold water and industrial plumbing:
      • Black steel piping;
      • Pressure PVC (HP) or HPF (KRYOCLIM type) piping;
      • Hydraulic pumps;
    • Installation of vapor networks:
      • Gas or oil boilers;
      • Piping made of brass or stainless steel;
    • Installation of centralized hot water networks:
      • Galvanized steel piping;
      • Piping in HPF;
      • Gas or electric boiler (immersion heater resistors)
    • Installation of compressed air networks;
    • Professional kitchen assembly:
      • Cooking batteries: oven, deep fryers, cooking stove, pots, etc .;
      • Copper gas network;
      • Valves, control valves and expansion valves;
    In industrial electricity:
    • Assembly of generating sets;
    • Installation of inverter systems with generator set;
    • Mounting of rectifier systems;
    • Mounting of TGBT stations;
    For all these services, E.F.C. has a qualified and experienced staff; as well as the appropriate equipment for the achievements.

                   All achievements are subject to the strict control of the E.F.C Methods Department. to guarantee the quality of the delivered product.

  3. Repair and troubleshooting

                   E.F.C. also has a great ability to respond to repair or troubleshooting installation in hot, cold, ventilation, air conditioning and electricity. This is indeed possible thanks to its major assets which are:
    • A technical workforce rich in quantity and quality;
    • A strong territorial representation of E.F.C. all over Cameroon: Douala (headquarters), Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Garoua, and Bertoua agencies;
    • Strong logistical means for travel and interventions:
      • Pick-up vehicles and vans;
      • Rich and well-supplied toolboxes;
      • Security equipment;
      • Technical tools: mobile welding machine, vacuum pumps, mobile kartcher, ladders and stepladders, etc.
    • Thanks to all these assets, E.F.C. is able to perform troubleshooting tasks within 2 to 24 hours.

                     For larger interventions, tooling teams are reinforced or where possible, the equipment concerned is moved to E.F.C workshops.

  4. Maintenance

                   With its formidable response capability, EFC also performs maintenance and service operations in its areas of expertise.

                   With this in mind, EFC is part of a rigorous quality approach designed to ensure the longest possible life of the facilities monitored.

                   Here, the services offered spread throughout the whole of Cameroon.

                   It is an ability to intervene that has also earned the trust of several companies owners of vast assets of equipment in several localities Cameroon like telecommunication and mobile telephony companies, banks, hotels, etc.

                   At EFC, maintenance follows the logic of a rigorous and rational organization of technical, human and logistical resources.

                   In addition, thanks to its stores and large stocks of equipment and equipment, EFC is able to remedy in a very short time (a few hours) the anomalies noted on the equipment tracked.

                   As a reminder, the main areas of activity of E.F.C. are :
    • Air conditioning: domestic, commercial, industrial
    • Refrigeration: domestic, commercial, industrial
    • Heat production and thermal installations: boilers, steam networks, generators;
    • Commercial and industrial ventilation: VMC, smoke extraction
    • Professional kitchens
    • Various industrial installations: pipes, thermal insulation;
    • Automotive air conditioning;
    • Industrial electricity;