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COLD EQUATORIAL & AIR CONDITIONING supports all your refrigeration installation projects in industrial areas with a specialized agribusiness team:

  • Upstream of the installation, our design office with its engineering department advises you on the most appropriate solution for your problem (Positive and negative cold rooms, static or in-line freezing tunnels, fast cooling cells , cooling tower, chiller, ...).
  • Our technicians ensure the installation and all tests and tests required by current regulations and the rules of art. Your cold rooms, freezer tunnels or fast chilling work according to the planned delivery schedule, to the best of your expectations.
  • We perform upgrades and upgrades on your existing installations.

Option: commercial cold, refrigerated showcase, cold room

                 COLD EQUATORIAL & AIR CONDITIONING is especially dedicated to commercial surfaces. We install, maintain or repair your refrigerated display cabinets, refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms, and all refrigerating or heating systems of your store, hotel, restaurant, production site. Our engineering department designs the system that perfectly meets your needs. Our on-call refrigeration technicians maintain your commercial cooling system.

Option: air conditioning, heat pump, heater

                 We study, advise and carry out your air conditioning, heat pump, air heater, geothermal or underfloor heating (underfloor heating) installations. We take care of projects for industry, commerce, catering to the particular. Our service bureau of study is at your disposal for the establishment of a free estimate and the study of a solution adapted to your waitings. We are also able to offer you all air conditioning and reversible air conditioning systems. We provide the study, installation and maintenance of air conditioning in tertiary sector p remises, the hospitality sector, the industrial sector, the hospital sector and private individuals.