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Supply and installation of positive and negative cold room

                 We work closely with leading panel manufacturers and cold room equipment manufacturers. Thanks to this advantage we can adapt to any type of installation.

                 We are able to provide you different brand of positive cold room and negative cold room.

Refrigerating equipment

                 We will select for you the refrigeration equipment most in line with your installation.

Cold room shelving

                 COLD EQUATORIAL AND AIR CONDITIONING Sarlcan provide you all the shelving necessary to the good organization of the contents of your cold room whatever the dimensions of this one. The rack can be fixed or mounted on wheels.

Industrial refrigeration equipment

  • Cabinets: Positive internal and external cold stainless steel or refrigerated with glass door
  • Cold rooms: Positive with soil + refrigerant
  • Cooling cells: Cooling cells or mixed cooling / freezing cells
  • Ice machines: 10 kg, 25 kg or 60 kg
  • Wine cellars