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               The main fields of application of E.F.C .:

  • Air conditioning: domestic, commercial, industrial
  • Refrigeration: domestic, commercial, industrial
  • Heat production and thermal installations: boilers,
  • Steam networks, generators;
  • Commercial and industrial ventilation: VMC, smoke extraction
  • Professional kitchens
  • Various industrial installations: pipes, thermal insulation;
  • Automotive air conditioning;
  • Industrial electricity ;

In the areas of hot, cold, ventilation, air conditioning and electricity business presented above, EFC offers the main products and services classified in the following sections:

  • Supply, sale and distribution of appliances, equipment and various products;
  • Services.

Our shops: availability and immediate satisfaction!

               E.F.C. Sarl has 2 "Show Room" stores (at AKWA and the United Nations Building) and busy stores with several spare parts, tools, equipment, and appliances for different applications in hot, cold, ventilation, air conditioning and electricity.

               Here you will find a very wide range of supplies such as:

  • Components and spare parts for Refrigerators, freezers: Intensity relay, Klixons, Evaporator defrosting resistance, Door Resistance (Heating Cords) Capacitors, compressors, Plate evaporators, "No-frost" forced air evaporator Thermostat, Condenser + engines, Programmer, door seals, Filter dehydrator;
  • Components and spare parts for "Windows" and "split system" air conditioners: Intensity relay, Voltage relay, Klixons, Electronic order card, selector Capacitors, Rotary hermetic compressors, Motor fans, Fan turbines, Thermostat Condenser + motors, Filter dehydrator; Air filters, Engine for air diffuser, Etc.
  • Components and spare parts for various household appliances (stoves, irons, washing machines, water heaters): pumps, bearings, burners, burner holders, cooking pots, heating elements, joints.
  • Refrigerant for refrigerant circuit: R22, R134a, R404a, R410, R407c, R600a;
  • Refrigerating oils: mineral and polyester;
  • Copper pipes: certified roll and bar (thickness 0.8 mm and 1 mm);
  • All types of fittings and taps for copper piping: elbow, reductions, sleeves, nuts, load connections, shut-off valves;
  • Components for small commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (refrigerated display cases and cold stores, monobloc cabinets and air-conditioning units, rooftop and mini air-conditioning units) : Semi-magnetic compressors, Complete condensing units, Forced air evaporators + engines, Air condenser + motor, Thermostatic expansion valves, thermostats Pressure, Filters dehydrator cartridge, Motor fans and turbines, Electric resistors, Temperature probes, Quiet, Vibraflex, Oil trap, Oil separators, Electronic programmers / displays, Solenoid valves, Liquid indicator, Liquid tank, Thermostat / electronic controllers, Air filters, Safety valves.
  • Spare parts for semi-hermetic compressors with piston: seals, pistons, valves, rings;
  • Refrigerator tools: manifold; vacuum pump, flare block, all-diameter benders, test acid, torches, pressure regulators
  • Measuring instruments: pressure gauge, ammeter clamp, thermometers (bulb, bimetallic, electric probe, thermowell.
  • Rooms for cold rooms: pre-insulated panels, insulated doors, synthetic curtains;
  • Components for industrial refrigeration systems: semi-hermetic compressors and hermetic high power (up to 10 HP);
  • Ventilation components: helical fans, centrifugal fans, fan turbines, grooves, shafts and bearings, propellers, belts; wall extractor;
  • Different air grilles size in prepainted steel, aluminum, plastic;
  • PIRALU plates (pre-insulated duct fabrication materials);
  • Products for thermal insulation: bi-component polyurethane foam (for in-situ injection), glass wool, ARMAFLEX (in tube and plate), aluminum-adhesive tape, aerostop tape;
  • Various electrical equipment: contactors, Timed blocks, Intensity relay, Connectors and Dominoes Thermal Relays, Electric clocks, breakers, Push Button Switches, Electric coils, Etc.
  • Miscellaneous supplies for technical work: glue, belts, strippers, welding rods, chutes, locks, disinfectant, degripant, saw blades, etc.
  • Windows and split-system air conditioners from 1 to 9 HP;
  • Small fountains with ice water;
  • Spare parts for automotive air conditioning: evaporators, compressors, pressure regulators, liquid bottles, flexible hoses, condensers;
  • Complete "plug and play" groups for small cold rooms (<10 m3);


               On the other hand are extensive network of commercial partnership with the big brands of manufacturers and distribution centers around the world, E.F.C., guaranteed the supply and delivery on order of several spare parts, tools, equipment. The deadlines here defy all competition.

               The supplies concerned are generally sensitive equipment, more bulky or infrequent in the local market; we will quote:

  • Hydraulic pumps,
  • High power compressors;
  • Special or high power fans,
  • Specific regulating devices;
  • High power evaporators (water multitubular, plate evaporators);
  • Chilled water production groups;
  • Air conditioning plants and ROOFTOP;
  • Housings or air handling units;
  • Fan coil convectors;
  • Air extraction turrets;
  • Grilles and air shutter;
  • Circular, spiral galvanized ducts;
  • Special and motorized valves;
  • Refrigeration plants (for supermarkets);
  • Cold rooms in large volume panels;
  • Tunnel freezing and rapid cooling;
  • Freezers, special refrigerators;
  • Cookers, and cookware;
  • Refrigerated display cases and displays;