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                 Whether for a business, a business, an apartment or a villa, air conditioning has the first advantage of providing comfort and well-being during high temperature. For the company to give comfort conditions to its employees, but especially to its customers is an economic investment that results in a better productivity of yourself and your team and a well-being to your customers. In addition to the summer outdoor temperatures that tend to rise, and which results in temperatures above 30° C day and night, we are increasingly locked up and urbanized in concentrated areas, and want to isolate ourselves from noise and pollutants exteriors. Living at 35° C or 40° C in offices, meeting rooms, shops and now its habitat, is difficult to withstand, causes discomfort and is now incompatible with modern comfort and within the reach of all.

  1. Benefit from immediate comfort. With a temperature drop of 6° to 8° C, indoor air is cooler and less moist especially in humid areas.

  2. Also benefit from an economical heating system. This is the case of air conditioning known as "reversible" which are able to operate in heat pumps and restore 3 times more energy than they absorb.


                 An air conditioner works on the same principle as your refrigerator. On one side it produces cold and on the other (on the back of your fridge) it evacuates heat, calories. The small noise that you hear in your fridge is the electric compressor that "compresses" a fluid called refrigerant that has the ability by its changes of state (gaseous liquid) to transfer the cooling energy and heat. Your air conditioner is comparable to your refrigerator if you consider that the room to be air-conditioned is the inside of the fridge and that the heat released at the back of the fridge is in the case of your air conditioner, evacuated outside of your room . Therefore, there will be, like your fridge, always useful refrigerating energy to recover in the room to be air-conditioned, and hot energy to evacuate to the outside. This is why some individual air conditioners such as MOBILES require a range of warm air outwards by opening a window or making a hole in front. Or like SPLIT-SYSTEM which have a box, often wall mounted, inside and an outside box, called condenser, which serves to evacuate the calories to the outside. The so-called "reversible" air conditioning works with an inverted refrigeration cycle. That is to say that the evacuation of calories takes place inside the room, while the cold is produced outside, outside. With a very economical performance, this mixed system "air conditioning" and "heating" allows continuous use of the air conditioner in any season.


                 To air-condition a single room, say between 20 and 50 m2, we have 2 main types of air conditioners:

  • MONOBLOCS: such as MOBILE, WINDOWS, therefore portable or fixed air conditioners, compact and in one block.
  • SPLIT-SYSTEMS: with a fixed indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit also fixed, therefore air conditioners in 2 blocks connected by small copper tubes and an electric cable.

                 The most popular devices are:

  • THE MONOBLOC MOBILE: This device is monobloc and mobile. It is very practical because it does not require any particular installation and works very quickly. It can move from one room to another, reuse from summer to summer, its incomparable advantage and ease of use requiring no special installation. It works mostly in cold weather alone.
  • THE SPLIT MOBILE: This device is also mobile, but separated into 2 parts, in 2 boxes. A monobloc box on wheel inside and an outer box connected by flexible pipes. The set can also move and reuse, with a little less ease than the single piece mobile. Its main advantage is its ease of use requiring no special installation. It works most of the time in cold weather
  • THE SPLIT SYSTEM: This system includes an indoor unit delivering cold (or heating if the unit is reversible) and an outdoor unit placed on the ground, terrace, balcony or against a wall of facade. These units are connected by a connection of 2 small refrigerating tubes and an electric cable. Outdoor and indoor units are fixed. The indoor unit is often wall mounted, that is to say placed against a wall in height. This has the advantage of freeing up space on the ground. This fixed air conditioner requires installation by a professional. For a wall split, in standard conditions, this installation does not last more than one day.


                 There are four types of air conditioning
  • The monobloc air conditioner: as its name suggests, it is in one piece. It extracts the calories contained in the room where it is placed to extract them, via a drain pipe, to the outside. Relatively quiet, it only allows air conditioning a room of average size. Then, the SPLIT air conditioner: composed of an external block, and one or more internal blocks connected by a piping.
  • The reversible air conditioner: it is necessarily a SPLIT type air conditioner, which "reverse" the operation so that it can extract the calories present outside to restore them inside: it s' This is an economical heating system because it provides about 3 times more energy than it consumes.
  • The mobile air conditioner: it has the advantage of being able to be taken with you, in his favorite room.
  • SPLITs that have this possibility: they are indeed on wheels and connected to the outer block via a flat sheath that can pass through a window. For air conditioning that adapts to specific needs.


                 So that comfort does not turn into a nightmare. More and more vehicles are equipped with an air conditioning system thus contributing to increase our comfort. Passive safety element, it contributes to the well-being and the state of vigilance of the driver. This system must be in perfect working order to be effective. Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance by qualified professionals. The dangers of poorly maintained air conditioning. Poorly maintained air conditioning can become a real nest of microbes (bacteria, molds, fungi). Neglecting the filtration of the breathing air in your vehicle can lead to irritation or severe allergies. This can also cause over-consumption of your vehicle, caused by gas leaks in the air conditioning circuit, further